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Author Topic: Changing the World  (Read 5605 times)
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« on: November 21, 2014, 02:08:34 pm »

Hello Mr. Labrie. Just wanted to say hi. I have been listening to you guys for quite some time. You have helped me make it to where I am now. I think we are all playing a role in helping the world transition to a better place. I have opened a healing place called All5Elements to bring awakening, healing, and transition to this place. I want to thank you deeply for giving me strength in this battle. I would love to talk to you guys some day and thank you personally. I've seen you guys in concert some times and I loved it. I can read energy clearly and know you guys are here to help the world. My name is Chris.. I have a facebook page called All5Elements. I'm really into crystal healing and all that. I think you guys would like what my store is about. I want it to get really big! Love ya man. Thanks again my friend.

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