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Empowered Boost This is a modification of the described method, which consists in maximizing the duration of sexual intercourse. Then the partners are in a very long period of strong stimulation, but there is no ejaculation. What is pre-ejaculate? Pre-ejaculate is nothing but a discharge that escapes from a member just before orgasm. It has the character of a sticky, mucous substance. Initially, it appears in the urethra, Empowered Boost under the influence of strong excitement it gets outside. The bulb-tubular glands are responsible for producing this secretion. Due to the chemical properties of the pre-ejaculate , the acid reaction of the urine becomes alkaline, which has an adverse effect on sperm viability. The mucous consistency of the secretions creates ideal conditions for smooth ejaculation. Delaying sperm ejaculation leads to the discharge of this secretion to the outside, in which living sperm are relatively often found. Is intermittent intercourse an effective method? Intermittent intercourse is one of the natural methods of contraception .

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