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Bionatrol Pro Enhance Calcium, phosphorus, sodium and potassium. The first is the basis of bone tissue, is involved in the processes occurring in the neuromuscular and cardiovascular systems. The second is involved in energy metabolism, as well as in muscle and mental activity. The third, together with the fourth, maintains acid-base balance, normalizes water balance, creates conditions for muscle contractions, and maintains blood levels at the proper level. Natural flavors. These substances are added to food products to give them taste and smell. Here we are talking about giving the protein a certain taste. This implies that it uses an essence or an extract of a substance containing flavoring components derived from spices, fruits, food yeast, dairy products or products obtained by fermentation. That is, flavors are obtained from completely natural, rather than synthetic products, so it can hardly be considered harmful. Xanthan gum.It is a natural chemical compound, and is a member of the stabilizer group. In food production, it is used as a thickener, also due to its good solubility in water. The natural source of gums is Xanthomonas campestris. The production process consists in the fermentation of sugar syrup with these bacteria. When the fermentation process is completed, ethanol is added to the mass, which makes it possible to obtain gum as a precipitate. To obtain the final product, this precipitate is dried and filtered. The additive is approved for use in food production in Russia, Europe, America, Japan and many other countries.

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