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Freshly Bloom Keto Nutritionists say that if you eat more than the norm per day, you can seriously disrupt the kidneys. The fact is that with prolonged replacement of carbohydrates with proteins, the latter are recognized by our body as a source of energy, and begin to simply "burn", synthesizing heat. However, during this process complex nitrogenous compounds begin to be synthesized, which adversely affect the renal tissue. Therefore, protein nutrition systems should be short-term, or “diluted” with complex carbohydrates. When using a meat system for weight loss, you can use the flesh of any animal or bird. When cooking meat, only olive oil should be used (when it comes to frying). Although, in principle, it is better to refuse to fry the product. Or cook the product on the grill. The menu of the short-term meat diet for weight loss also includes the inclusion in the diet of fish, seafood and eggs, from which you can cook a wide variety of dishes. Of the drinks, green and black tea (leaf), coffee (without sugar and milk), as well as freshly squeezed juices (mainly vegetable) are allowed. You can also drink mineral water, but preferably without gas. Sweet soda and packaged juices are completely excluded. Salt during the diet is also best eliminated altogether. But you can use up to 9 g of sea iodized salt per day. To improve the taste of food when refusing salt, they should be prepared with the addition of natural dried herbs, lemon juice, as well as soy sauce (in limited quantities). The consumption rate of seasonal non-starchy vegetables is not strictly regulated. This suggests that you can consume them in almost any quantity. When preparing fresh salads, it is recommended to season them with olive oil (preferably cold pressed), lemon juice or nonfat natural yogurt.

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