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Author Topic: 15th anniversary of Scenes from a Memory  (Read 2570 times)
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« on: October 26, 2014, 05:40:38 am »

Today marks the 15th anniversary of Metropolis pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory, the beloved "SFAM" which 99.98% of DT's fanbase loves and enjoys, and what a better way to celebrate it by annoying you with my personal story about it!

Back in the last millennium, I didn't have Internet at home, and long before the Napster days, those were the glorious days of cassette tapes, copying each other among friends cassettes whose original recording came from those lucky and rich ones who had the latest technological wonder, a CD player  Tongue So there was this habit of doing cassettes among friends, and to fill out what remained of the tape with other songs.

My cousin filled out a couple of cassettes with Dream Theater songs - he was more "evoluted" than me in his tastes at the time, so he copied for me Hollow Years and Anna Lee to not scare me too much  Tongue Also The Mirror was at the end of one of those cassettes, and after 4 months or so of listening to it, it finally clicked. Long story short, The Mirror holds the privilege of being the song that made me a fan and that started an avalanche effect that made me into a full and complete Dream Theater fan. (Should have said this back when Awake turned 15, hehe!)

Anyway, autumn of 1999, there I am, a complete Dream Theater fan totally in love and raptured by their musicianship (and of course our beloved James' voice!!!!), I don't have internet and somehow I got the notion that a new album was going to be released. Just that, I read somewhere that on the 26th of October the new Dream Theater album would be out, so I decided to blindly buy it on release day.

So, "on that fateful day" I go to the store, look around, search for it, where it is, where it is... oh, there it is.


Right there and then, in the store, and not a day or a minute before, I discover that the new album is entirely made up of the sequel of the ultimate DT masterpiece. I go home, listen to it, and it's, like, the best thing ever happened to mankind after the invention of the wheel and human rights.

There have been many albums I dearly loved over the years, but the mix of the complete and total surprise (unthinkable in our age) and absolute awesomegloriouswonderfulness of the album will NEVER be topped by anything else I guess, unless a band down the line manages to completely hide from the world, until the release, the existance of a total masterpiece of an album that has a special meaning in their discography and "mythology".

Today Scenes from a Memory turns 15, and I'm listening to it with the same love and enthusiasm of 15 years ago. It was the album that SAVED Dream Theater and that rebooted their carreer into growing it as big and wide as it is today, and I think no DT fan is unaware, musical brilliance aside, of the importance of this album for the band.

Have an happy celebration of Dream Theater's finest album (at least for me), cheer up remembering one of the happiest and most creative times for the band, and, well, SPOILER - The Miracle is the real culprit and he framed Julian making him look like a killer / suicider!!!!!  Grin

Mike Portnoy recalling their first impression about James: Pulled out his picture and he had the look we were looking for. "Wow, this guy's really good-looking too, man." You know, he had a great voice and he looked good.. "He must be an asshole."

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