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Author Topic: Music for Mime Help?  (Read 2810 times)
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« on: March 16, 2011, 01:44:53 pm »

Dear Forumgoers,

It is my GCSE Drama exam in about four weeks, and our performance is at that stage of production where we need to start choosing music to go with our piece. In particular, I have a piece of mime that I can't even begin to figure out until I choose the music.

Basically, the story is about a sufferer of Bipolar, who flips between Manic and Depressive phases frequently (and yes, I know that the phases normally take months to move from one to the next, but it's been sped up for dramatic purposes), long story short, she falls into an abusive relationship and only tends to keep him around for protection, at least when she's depressed. I'm playing the depressed phases of the character, and my bit of mime centres around her living in her flat by herself and overreacts due to her being alone. I need music that reflects that slightly eerie, creepy feel, but I don't want it to be too over the top. I was thinking 'She likes to hide' by Pain of Salvation, it's quite slow, creepy and rhythmic yet sets the mood perfectly. So, any suggestions?

Also, yes, I know, About to Crash=Bipolar, but it doesn't have the right mood to it. Sorry DT! You know I'd love an excuse to put you in my performance!

Also, it's only a 30 second- Minute mime. Just bear that in mind! Thanks guys!

TL;DR: Needs a lilting, slightly creepy but not OTT piece of music for a 30 secs-Minute piece of mime. NO HAPPY!
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