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The Bohlen-Pierce scale is a system where, instead of an octave divided equally into 12 notes where the note of the next octave is twice the frequency of the note you started from, the Bohlen-Pierce scale has a "tritave" divided equally into 13 notes where the note of the next tritave is three times the frequency of the note you started from. There's a lot more to the Bohlen-Pierce scale than what I'm telling you. I'm even struggling to write this post because the Bohlen-Pierce scale is so radically different from the traditional system. Here is Pachelbel's Canon rewritten in Bohlen-Pierce (click here) and an original love song written in Bohlen-Pierce (click here). Now before you pass off Bohlen-Pierce as some awful-sounding gimmick, keep in mind that songs originally written in conventional music is probably ill-suited for the Bohlen-Pierce scale anyway, and that each songwriter's ability is also important in how "good" something sounds. But you probably know the second part already. Wink

Now, the reason why I'm mentioning the Bohlen-Pierce scale here besides the fact that it's cool and exotic is because, given Dream Theater's musical inclinations, I can easily imagine Dream Theater implementing the Bohlen-Pierce scale. Now, that would be pretty cool if that happened, so I think the band should seriously consider incorporating it in their future music. If they actually did incorporate Bohlen-Pierce into their music, my reaction would be, "Trapped inside this Tritavarium! Trapped inside this Tritavarium! TRAPPED INSIDE THIS TRITAVARIUM!!!" I have a feeling Jordan Rudess would spearhead the effort... Wink

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