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 on: February 17, 2016, 06:50:03 pm 
Started by w34vi1 - Last post by Mullmuzzler
'Break a leg' at the London Palladium World Premičre tomorrow night Cap'n!



 on: February 16, 2016, 04:32:30 am 
Started by Asianhawk - Last post by trudy
I heard all the songs in astonishing album and I like their song Dystopian Overture.

 on: February 12, 2016, 09:45:14 pm 
Started by Asianhawk - Last post by schming
 James OWNS this album. I can’t stop listening to this. I’m blown away. It’s one of the best things they’ve done.  It’s not just another Dream Theater album. It’s a fairly traditional stage musical soundtrack but done ‘Dream Theater’ style.
Great music and those vocals! Different distinct sounding characters all done by James. Needless to say, the performance of his career. Powerful and tender songs. Very emotional. 
A lot of fans won’t be able to get past the “ WTF is this?”. They’ve opened a new door to creativity and are aiming at a wider audience. Si fi/fantasy-hard rock-musical fans.
I’m not aware of anything out there like this. Very unique and done sooo well. I think this has a chance of being a successful stage musical with a full cast of actors/singers, which is what I think they want to do.
I wouldn’t be surprised if they get another Grammy nomination for this. Bravo!

 on: February 12, 2016, 07:04:04 pm 
Started by DR1029 - Last post by Mullmuzzler
WHOA! ... Knock 'em dead next week James!

Travelling over from Ireland, and just CAN'T WAIT to see/hear the
World Premičre of the AWESOME album in the London Palladium
on Thursday evening!

MORE than a 'Thousand Voices' will be in front of you and the band
willing you all on!  Cool


 on: February 10, 2016, 08:10:22 pm 
Started by B-rad - Last post by Asianhawk
Wow MUST be a singer, and can hear those pitch corrections, etc. Because I just can't hear it. I honestly would never know.
I will say, after your descriptions, it makes sense now that I think about it, I have always loved listening to DT's live performances of the yester years on the Images and Words and Awake tours--maybe without ever realizing it, the vocals to the songs sound more natural and not 'fixed' in post-production like today? So naturally I have been drawn to that more raw sound. I am the first to say James is an infinitely more dynamic singer than he was back then, and has grown exponentially. So it always pisses me off beyond belief when I read or hear people knocking him.

 on: February 10, 2016, 08:00:18 pm 
Started by DR1029 - Last post by Asianhawk
I got my VIP package for Boston, the day they went on sale, and have been slowly counting down the days!

 on: February 10, 2016, 01:42:45 pm 
Started by DR1029 - Last post by DR1029 it has been FOREVER since I have actually logged into the site but I am still here!

Who is going to the shows?  I just got tickets for the Philadelphia, PA show and Radio City in New York!
It's time to check in!!

 on: February 09, 2016, 02:21:38 pm 
Started by w34vi1 - Last post by w34vi1
New Date Added

Apr 22 - Upper Darby, PA - Tower Theater

 on: February 09, 2016, 12:35:49 pm 
Started by Asianhawk - Last post by Evegret
I'm still waiting for my CD... And I won't listen to anything on the internet before I hold it in my hands Wink Date of delivery: 17-22th of february  Roll Eyes

 on: February 08, 2016, 06:07:22 pm 
Started by B-rad - Last post by 6degrmatichaosOnaxmasmorn
Something that has really bothered me about certain live releases is the POORLY-USED pitch correction. If you must touch up a live performance to make it perfect for DVD- fine (not my preference, but I totally get it)... However, if the pitch correction applied is tuning my favorite singer, Mr. LaBrie to the wrong note, it makes me extremely frustrated to listen to it.

People think James sounded bad on CiM (what I believe to be one of his best tours vocally), because the DVD does not capture what he actually sounded like in concert. The tuning was applied sloppily, and it would often tune his glorious, super wide vibrato to nearby notes. This means that instead of the pitch wavering evenly around, for example, an A (the way it was sung), you hear the pitch jumping back and forth between A and the note above or below it. Plus the auto-tune sound of snapping pitches, overall made it sound extra nasally.

On Breaking the Fourth Wall, the pitch correction detracted from the quality of the vocals as well, at points. If you listen to certain parts, notes were tuned to notes other than what they were supposed to be, and the pitch snapping was too extreme and is very unflattering for the vocals.

I'm saying that if you use pitch correction- use it accurately and neatly, and only on notes that are actually out of tune, or it's just detracting from the quality.

 Angry Grin

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