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 on: October 10, 2016, 08:00:08 am 
Started by DR1029 - Last post by DR1029
I got the opportunity to see the guys again on Saturday in Hershey, PA.  Overall the show was great, everything was tight and the sound was spectacular.  The Hershey Theater was very beautiful and a great place to see a show.

In summary, I saw the band on the Astonishing Tour 4 different times (Philly, NYC, Bethlehem and Hershey).  Each was better then the last and seeing this show live truly brings the album and story to life.

 on: October 06, 2016, 09:50:14 am 
Started by DR1029 - Last post by DR1029
Well, I attended the show last night at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA and just a couple observations.
1- The venue is a great spot to see a show.  New, clean, great setup.  Overall small space but alot of room to move around.
2- The band was very tight.  There was only a couple issues with the video freezing and James mic cut out twice but overall a great mix and good sound.
3- James sounded great last doubt about it. It was an absolute pleasure sitting in the front row watching the man at work.  So good!
4- Attendance- I have been going to DT shows religiously since Sept. of 1992.  The 1st time I saw them was at the Chestnut Cabaret in Philly.  I may have seen them live well over 50 times. The show last night seemed to only have about 300-400 people there tops and I think I am being generous.  Maybe having 3 shows in the same demographic area in 4 nights hurts them....who knows.  With that being said, it brought me back to all the times I got to see them (and enjoy them) in smaller venues with less people.  A perfect way to experience the Astonishing.
Overall a great show.  Well worth the $$ and time spent.  I look forward to seeing them again Saturday in Hershey, PA.

 on: September 29, 2016, 04:30:46 pm 
Started by SeRoX - Last post by sabonim
Thnx Donna for your help, you are great.

And, eBay, go hell!  Grin

Long time no see people.
I got one beautiful copy and one original given to me by James.

 on: September 05, 2016, 11:40:11 am 
Started by Metropolis - Last post by Whiteererge
I know I haven't been here a lot lately. I had tons of private problems. After a beautiful 8 and a half year relationship and 5 years of marriage 3 months ago my wife left me. We separated not on the best terms. So I have been lately depressed, had to cancel work and couldn't sleep for a long time but I'm getting better now. So I'm a little bit more ok every day. Just wanted to share it with you guys here since this is the longest forum I'm on and have some very good friends and aquaitances here.

that was a very sad story. i just admire you for sharing your personal problem here in this forum. not all people have gutts llike you because ego will come up first. i just hope that you already recovered from that pain. just look on the bright side!

 on: August 29, 2016, 05:44:59 pm 
Started by Fabian - Last post by Goot1972
Can anyone Believe how fast the year has gone 10 more days til 2014, it will be 100 years since WWI. I will be 19 in October which means that I have 6 years left of being a youth after that I will start to Age, phen375 Wither, Decay for another 50+ years.
who Knows what this year and the years to come will bring.

Fabian Saunders

Born 1995 Died ?

time flies so fast. but whatever it is we just have to enjoy life fully. it is only god who knows where we will say goodbye to this world. i think the best way for you to think is how you will be able to meet your parnter in life. don't you think its more exciting than thinking of when you will be decay? chill!

 on: August 23, 2016, 07:09:54 pm 
Started by w34vi1 - Last post by w34vi1

Oct 10 - Concord, NH - Capitol Center For the Arts
Oct 18 - Worcester, MA - Hanover Theater for the Performing Arts 
Oct 21 - Portland, ME - Merrill Auditorium
Oct 24 - Grand Rapids, MI - DeVos Performance Hall
Oct 25 - Lakewood, OH - Lakewood Civic Auditorium
Oct 27 - Toledo, OH - Stranahan Theater
Oct 29 - Merrillville, IN - Star Plaza Theatre
Nov 9 - San Antonia, TX - Tobin Center For The Performing Arts
Nov 15 - Tucson, AZ - Centennial Hall
Nov 16 - Anaheim, CA - City National Grove of Anaheim
Nov 19 - Reno, NV - Grand Sierra Theatre
Nov 20 - San Jose, CA - City National Civic
Nov 27 - Durham, NC - Durham Performing Arts Center
Dec 2 - Orlando, FL - Hard Rock Live
Dec 4 - Atlanta, GA - Symphony Hall

 on: August 19, 2016, 11:21:51 pm 
Started by Evegret - Last post by Aniesconly
... where alle the people have gone!!   Shocked

I've got the impression that since Facebook were coming up, people stayed away from REAL social networks like this place.  Cry

i think that was the power of social media nowadays. it make people hide from reality and at the same make the people have the feeling of envy for other who always brag on things that they have most especially on things that are very expensive and flamboyant.

 on: August 04, 2016, 06:11:00 pm 
Started by w34vi1 - Last post by w34vi1

Oct 5 - Bethlehem, PA - Sands Bethlehem Event center
Oct 7 - Wilkes-Barre, PA - Kirby Center for the Performing Arts
Oct 8 - Hershey, PA - Hershey Theatre
Oct 19 - Newark, NJ - New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Oct 22 - Port Chester, NY - The Capitol Theatre
Oct 28 - Louisville, KY - Palace Theatre
Oct 31 - Indianapolis, IN - Murat Theatre at Old National Centre
Nov 1 - Milwaukee, WI - Riverside Theater

 on: July 07, 2016, 01:09:59 am 
Started by Donna - Last post by lordoftheflies
James, thank you for your amazing artistry.  I absolutely love the way you use your voice to portray so many emotions and expressions.  My family have suffered a terrible loss in a very tragic accident and the Dream Theater song 'Along for the Ride' has been a wonderful expression of my feelings at this time. You can phen375 reviews. I look forward to all your future work and thank you sincerely for everything previous!

Along for the ride is my favorite song too. Thanks for all the great music. I hope you'll continue to make music for a long time to come.

Along for the ride is my ALL time favorite!! James Labrie soothes my soul, "blind to the truth, like hands reaching out in the darknesssss", Amazing!

 on: June 03, 2016, 11:29:46 pm 
Started by Tim Donahue - Last post by Silent Maniac
Yeah....would've been a shame if nobody heard these. Really, really enjoying this music so far. Just now listening to the first track. Thank you sir!

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