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 on: August 07, 2017, 02:31:52 am 
Started by angolanmetalhead - Last post by Arydigital
 ARY Digital is the most watched Entertainment channel in Pakistan. Katto Drama
 is the flagship channel of ARY Network.

 on: July 29, 2017, 07:06:08 am 
Started by Asianhawk - Last post by Arydigital
“An artist is a creature driven by demons. He doesn't know why they choose him and he's usually too busy to wonder why.”

 on: July 05, 2017, 06:04:48 am 
Started by Asianhawk - Last post by vikali
So how many times have you all listened to it by now...? I certainly (at least at this time) don't feel I need to make an extensive review. It's over 2hrs of so much to absorb. But here are my first thoughts: website link
     To say that this is Dream Theater's most ambitious work of all time would be the understatement of the century. a good overview
Every time I will continue to listen to this album it will be very hard to not listen to each disc all the way through. In many ways, it does not feel that there are really any separate songs....It's like listening to one 130 minute track. James gives the absolute most stellar performance of his entire career. He sings in the stratosphere it seems the majority of the album, which I could not be happier for--in fact, he really outshines the rest of the band, and each song. The lyrics are so extensive that as I listened and followed through the booklet, I could only constantly think, "wow James probably will not be walking off stage very many times for any instrumentals, since there are not very many at all." I will openly admit, for me personally, the prog metal side of Dream Theater is throughly lacking through out. When I first read 'The Astonishing' would be a prog "rock" (and not labeled metal) opera I was a bit nervous and apprehensive. But James gives us all the most crazy operatic vocal eargasms he has ever unleashed, so the lacking in the head banging department of the overall album is a worthy trade off.

Xander -- What have you done/You murderer/My father's dead/ Your day will come

Seriously??!! I must have skipped the back track 6 times to listen to that again and again before I could continue....I know James is the most humble man anywhere...but...he is just inhuman.

I got mine 2 weeks ago and have to agree with you it's definitely their best work yet. It's one of those albums you need to listen to more than once to fully appreciate it.

 on: March 19, 2017, 12:47:16 pm 
Started by Metropolis - Last post by ralph.a.b
I know that it's even more than a year since you've posted this but I would like to know how do you feel now. I am walking through the same stuff as you presently and I do not feel okay too..

 on: March 19, 2017, 12:45:05 pm 
Started by Asianhawk - Last post by ralph.a.b
I am  going to see the live performance soon, I cannot wait to watch them playing in front on me on a stage. Smiley

 on: January 02, 2017, 05:15:53 am 
Started by B-rad - Last post by B-rad
Something that has really bothered me about certain live releases is the POORLY-USED pitch correction. If you must touch up a live performance to make it perfect for DVD- fine (not my preference, but I totally get it)... However, if the pitch correction applied is tuning my favorite singer, Mr. LaBrie to the wrong note, it makes me extremely frustrated to listen to it.

People think James sounded bad on CiM (what I believe to be one of his best tours vocally), because the DVD does not capture what he actually sounded like in concert. The tuning was applied sloppily, and it would often tune his glorious, super wide vibrato to nearby notes. This means that instead of the pitch wavering evenly around, for example, an A (the way it was sung), you hear the pitch jumping back and forth between A and the note above or below it. Plus the auto-tune sound of snapping pitches, overall made it sound extra nasally.

On Breaking the Fourth Wall, the pitch correction detracted from the quality of the vocals as well, at points. If you listen to certain parts, notes were tuned to notes other than what they were supposed to be, and the pitch snapping was too extreme and is very unflattering for the vocals.

I'm saying that if you use pitch correction- use it accurately and neatly, and only on notes that are actually out of tune, or it's just detracting from the quality.

 Angry Grin

You said exactly what I feel about all this. I sort of regret starting this thread the way I did because my claims were inaccurate. James never uses autotune live; they just tend to add it in post-production. But it's basically become a mainstay of audio production these days (all of the new rush live releases have some form of pitch correction on geddy's voice too). Chaos in motion was a bit of a disaster audio-wise; aside from the autotune being applied poorly, the mixes were very thin sounding and James' vocals sounded like they were coming through a telephone. I agree with you on Breaking the Fourth Wall; there are some uncomfortable pitch-snapping moments for me (like the long note at the end of Trial of Tears), but overall the autotune is alright on that dvd and perfects James' vocals well. As far as the last self titled album, I actually love the level to which autotune was used to perfect his vocals- they sound extremely clean and punchy (maybe just a tad to perfect for my taste), but Rich Chycki definitely knows how to produce a clean and punchy mix; I feel like with today's level of compression used on vocal tracks, the imperfections tend to jump out a lot more, which is why almost every producer uses some sort of pitch correction to clean up a vocal track.

 on: December 13, 2016, 02:21:10 am 
Started by Asianhawk - Last post by Stimmer
I was just at the Dream Theater show at the Orpheum Theater in Boston last night, 2nd row center right, and James was absolutely spot on all night! He killed it! This album really puts him front and center, and allows him to really showcase himself live for over 2 hours. My wife and I had the meet and greet experience, always a please to be able to chat about the bathmate and a few sentences with the band!
Thanks James and DT for such a killer show!

Sweet, I'd love to see them live one day and actually talk to them.

 on: November 20, 2016, 03:56:25 pm 
Started by w34vi1 - Last post by Mullmuzzler
James - I see that DT are scheduled to tour certain parts of Europe in
early 2017; will there be any dates in the U.K. and, if so, when will
tickets go on sale?

Any chance of you recording a full-blown version of the EXCELLENT
'The Astonishing' for DVD at The Royal Albert Hall in London?  Tongue


 on: October 23, 2016, 05:51:54 pm 
Started by Metropolis - Last post by ClaireEllison
 Is this a sad story? (my life story)?
Hi, Im 60 and lonely. I wrote this story for you all. Its an autobiographgy:

I was born in 1948. I had 3 brothers, and 1 sister. They would always make fun of me and one time they put me in a trash can and threw me down a hill. What they didn't know what that there was a broken bottle in the trash can and it cut up my tall is adeleI needed surgery, but my scars have never healed. That was when I was 6.

Primary school was hard. Many would make fun of me for my scars. One time a kid took a lighter and lit my hair on fire. It burned my scalp and I had severe scaring to the point of hair not being able to grow at one part of my head.

I made it through primary school. Middle school was worse. I was called "baldy" and "scar girl" and one time a kid him me in the face with a board. It broke my nose. I tried to walk home, but fainted because I was so scared and fell down a hill, breaking my arm. Nobody noticed me for 8 hours, at which point it started raining. I eventually was taken to the ER where they tried to help, but I had gotten hypothermia in the rain and almost died.

My arm had almost frozen, and I lost all feeling in that arm.

Highschool was terrible. I was asked out to home coming by a boy, but he did it as a prank and threw nails at my face when I went to his door. blood dripped down my face, and I ruined my dress, which cost $400. Senior year, I was hit by a car full of classmates because they thought I was ugly. It broke my ribcage, and I almost died from internal bleeding.

I decided not to go to college, because I thought it would be worse. I ended up getting a job as a maid, but my customers would just throw stuff at me because I was ugly. When I was 40, I tried to kill myself by jumping off a cliff, but I laded on a car full of people, and killed them all. I went to prison for 5 years, where I met Martha. Martha was in a gang back in Chicago, and she tought me how to fight. Before I left prison she gave me the address to her underground fight club back home.

I got out and went there. I won every fight, and became well known in the fighting world. At 50, I decided to retire. I had my last fight the day after my birthday. I lost, and had 5 teeth knocked out.

I moved out to Kansas to live on my own. I ate a ton, and became morbidly obese. At 58, I bought a dog name "poofy". He is my only company, and although I am lonely at times, I can always count on him.

Thats my story. Was it sad? Tell me your stories!

 on: October 23, 2016, 05:48:47 pm 
Started by Donna - Last post by ClaireEllison
James, thank you for your amazing artistry.  I absolutely love the way you use your voice to portray so many emotions and expressions.  My family have suffered a terrible loss in a very tragic accident and the Dream Theater song 'Along for the Ride' has been a wonderful expression of my feelings at this time.   Along for the ride is my favorite song too. Thanks for all the great music. I hope you'll continue to make music for a long time to come. Tongue Wink

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