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So how many times have you all listened to it by now...? I certainly (at least at this time) don't feel I need to make an extensive review. It's over 2hrs of so much to absorb. But here are my first thoughts: website link
     To say that this is Dream Theater's most ambitious work of all time would be the understatement of the century. a good overview
Every time I will continue to listen to this album it will be very hard to not listen to each disc all the way through. In many ways, it does not feel that there are really any separate songs....It's like listening to one 130 minute track. James gives the absolute most stellar performance of his entire career. He sings in the stratosphere it seems the majority of the album, which I could not be happier for--in fact, he really outshines the rest of the band, and each song. The lyrics are so extensive that as I listened and followed through the booklet, I could only constantly think, "wow James probably will not be walking off stage very many times for any instrumentals, since there are not very many at all." I will openly admit, for me personally, the prog metal side of Dream Theater is throughly lacking through out. When I first read 'The Astonishing' would be a prog "rock" (and not labeled metal) opera I was a bit nervous and apprehensive. But James gives us all the most crazy operatic vocal eargasms he has ever unleashed, so the lacking in the head banging department of the overall album is a worthy trade off.

Xander -- What have you done/You murderer/My father's dead/ Your day will come

Seriously??!! I must have skipped the back track 6 times to listen to that again and again before I could continue....I know James is the most humble man anywhere...but...he is just inhuman.

I got mine 2 weeks ago and have to agree with you it's definitely their best work yet. It's one of those albums you need to listen to more than once to fully appreciate it.
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