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Title: PROGSTRAVAGANZA XV: Ascension Out Now
Post by: ProgSphere on December 25, 2013, 09:02:04 am

Prog Sphere (http://"http://www.prog-sphere.com") has just put out a brand new Progstravaganza sampler entitled Ascension.

It features 33 songs in total, bringing progressive artists from all around the world (from USA to SA). The artwork of the sampler has been designed by Linden Artwork (http://"http://www.lindenartwork.com"). Asked about the album art for Ascension, Chris van der Linden from Linden Artwork says: Well my idea behind the artwork was to create something with a biblical feeling, because this release is during the holidays and is called Ascension. The flock of birds is a symbol of hope, and accentuates the scale of the picture, makes the whole scene look super big.

Prog Sphere is determined to bring forward up and coming bands that dwell in progressive rock underground (and beyond) to a wide community of fans of the genre. With the compilation series hitting recently 30,000 downloads, with over 200 bands being presented through the series, Prog Sphere tends to bring something new with every release.

Progstravaganza XV: Ascension is accompanied with the official website of the series, where all the artists-participants are presented through profiles and questionnaires. The sampler is available as free download from Bandcamp on THIS LOCATION (http://"http://prog-sphere.bandcamp.com/album/progstravaganza-xv-ascension").

Artists interested in taking part in the Progstravaganza compilation series can send their submissions to info@prog-sphere.com



Title: Re: PROGSTRAVAGANZA XV: Ascension Out Now
Post by: w34vi1 on December 25, 2013, 02:35:11 pm
Sick compilation. Definitely going to spin some of these tracks on my radio show.